Project Info

The UK Armed Forces Veterans’ Health and Gambling Study is a Forces in Mind Trustfunded project to examine gambling attitudes and behaviour, mental health, and healthcare utilisation in armed forces veterans and non-veterans from the UK and Northern Ireland.

International evidence points to increased risk of gambling-related harm in veterans, particularly during transition back to “Civvy Street” (Levy & Tracy, 2018, J Gambl Stud).

Previously, we have shown that community-dwelling English veterans are at up to eight times more likely to exhibit problem gambling than non-veterans (Roberts et al., 2018) and that this gambling-related harm extends to one’s family (Dighton et al., 2018).

Significantly higher prevalence of problem gambling in UK veterans than in non-veterans (Dighton et al., 2018Roberts et al. (2018)

Our study is therefore the first UK-wide survey of its kind to investigate gambling-related harm and mental health in veterans and to estimate the associated healthcare costs of such harm. It will complete in 2021 and data collection will run from 2019.

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